Reflektion’s 1 to 1 Commerce Solutions = Double Digit Growth

Conversion rates increase by at least 10%, engagement by 2 times, and overall revenue grows from 10 to 50%. These results are consistently delivered because Reflektion focuses on individual shopping behavior, rather than the broad-based segments that first generation personalization platforms depend on.


Full Site Personalization

Reflektion’s personalization solutions are deployed on every single page, in search, and across all mobile devices, where a unified customer experience is maintained. By providing seamless and fluid personalization, shoppers are more engaged for a purchase on a first visit and more likely to return and buy. This is in stark contrast to a set of point solutions that deliver to visitors a disjointed, unintelligent experience.


Quick Launch, Deep Learning

Reflektion makes a heavy impact, but its deployment is lightweight and requires minimal workload for your staff. Based on mature ad server technologies, personalization is easy to implement on any page. Since this 1 to 1 Commerce platform is self learning and optimizes in real time, it completely eliminates the need to waste valuable time creating customer segments and maintaining tedious correlations between products and segments. Reflektion works “out of the box” by learning about your business, noting each visitor’s preferences and immediately enhancing the shopping experience.


Reflektion is trusted by brands like Disney, Converse, Uniqlo, O’Neill Clothing, and Gander Mountain.