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Merchandise to Individual Shopper Preferences
and Intent

By observing the shopping behavior for every individual to understand their preferences across sessions, and intent in session, you can ensure shoppers find what they’re looking for as easily as possible. This creates more successful shopping experiences for your customers and higher conversion rates
for your business.


Turn Site Search into a Personal Shopper

Transform your site search from a generic word search association that boosts only the most popular products, into an individually targeted experience presenting the most relevant items for that shopper. This connects each shopper to the right products for them, and dramatically raises your revenue per search.


The Only Individualized Email Solution

Reinvigorate your email marketing channel and improve revenue per email with embedded promotional and behavioral content in your transactional, marketing and triggered messages. Reflektion merchandises each message at open time, leveraging individual shopper intelligence to select the most timely and relevant content.