Three Search Metrics every eCommerce Marketer Should be Tracking

Why is it that digital retailers always seem to overlook the value of their site’s search functionality? In the brick-and-mortar retail world, it’s well known that a customer who asks for help finding an item is much more likely to make a purchase. The same is true in eCommerce, with… Read More

5 Ways “Individualization” will Change Retail eCommerce in 2015 and Beyond

The first generation of “Personalization” was a groundbreaking idea in eCommerce. It worked by identifying demographic commonalities among digital shoppers, bucketing them into segments, and targeting each with the content demonstrated by A/B tests to perform the best per group. In an industry that suffers from notoriously low margins, it… Read More

Looking forward to seeing you at eTail West in Palm Desert

If you’re heading to eTail West, we’ll see you there. There has been a lot of momentum – and changes – in the industry since Reflektion attended last year. I’m looking forward to hearing Bobby Lyons from Walgreens speak about the shift to Search Experience Optimization, How Zappos is making… Read More

Super Bowl Ad Shows how Segmentation is “sorta you”

The esurance “sorta you” campaign during the Super Bowl did a fabulous job of capturing just how bad marketing segmentation can be. Three ads show different examples of how incredibly offensive (and hilarious) it can be for individuals when they are thrown into overly broad buckets that are “sorta” designed… Read More

The high value customer or the unidentified anonymous user?

Behind door number one is a high-value customer. Behind door number two are ten anonymous visitors to your site who you know nothing about. Which room holds more opportunity? Which is more deserving of your attention, resources, and marketing budget? As an eCommerce marketer, should you dedicate your resources towards… Read More

Overall eCommerce grew in 2014, but a close look at the leaders suggest that results can be far better

The Census Bureau recently announced very positive retail sales numbers across the industry as the US economic recovery progresses. eCommerce sales continue to grow faster than stores. What we found at Reflektion this year is that leading retailers and brands focusing on the shifts in digital consumer behavior outperformed their… Read More

Lessons from Retail Peers: Integrating Brick and Mortar into the 1 to 1 Omni-channel Shopping Experience

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – Henry Ford Why didn’t the Sears mygofer experiment succeed? If you read last week’s Wall Street Journal article about it, you may be left with the impression that mismanagement, poor execution, and failure to identify with shoppers… Read More

The Key to Mobile Success for the 2014 Holidays

In a Q&A with Kristina Knight from BizReport, our CMO Kurt Heinemann discussed what success for eCommerce will look like during the 2014 holidays and how it can be measured. Some of the questions addressed: – Which holiday metrics online retailers should be tracking – Factors that will drive online… Read More

Why Smartphones and Tablets Should be Separated

It’s easy to understand why people lump smartphones and tablets into the same strategy. But it’s not always as easy to understand why conversion rates are so much higher on smartphones than tablets. In an article published in CMO Magazine today, our CMO Kurt Heineman addresses this issue and shares… Read More

The Holiday Season and eCommerce

In a recent roundtable discussion on NBC’s Press:Here, our CEO Sean Moran was asked to share his insights into what the holiday season means for eCommerce. Here are some of the key points Sean raised: – What a longer buying season (starting at Halloween, rather than Thanksgiving) means to both… Read More

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