When You Hear the Word Personalization at IRCE

Today marks the official kickoff of IRCE. And we’re looking forward to seeing you at booth 1543. Sessions will be focused on everything from cross-device marketing, what to look for in web analytics, and how smaller retailers can compete with bigger players. And of course, as has been the case… Read More

How Cafe Britt Nailed it with their eCommerce Personalization Strategy

Cafe Britt is a leading gourmet coffee and chocolates brand, with over 100 stores and an eCommerce business that’s generating impactful results. But their eCommerce business wasn’t always as successful as it is today. For a while, Cafe Britt didn’t feel like their site was connecting to shoppers nearly as… Read More

As an eCommerce Provider, How Do You Provide Relevancy to a Segment of One?

Read Case Study VILLA, an urban apparel retailer with over 100 stores, is all about helping their shoppers express themselves. Their customers have their own unique styles, to such an extent that they each could be considered a “segment of one”. VILLA customers are fashion forward community leaders who set… Read More

Here’s How News Sites Can Get Smart with Their Readers About Suggested Content

Recently Christopher Ratcliff from eConsultancy published a hysterical, but sobering commentary about the sleazy content recommendations that append intelligent articles or posts on venerable news sites. He nailed it. Ratcliff gives many examples, but here’s one we found on our own. From a well respected outlet, a thought provoking article… Read More

Four Characteristics that Define Personalization 2.0

As someone who focuses on how to drive e Business revenue, Forrester’s Brendan Witcher has been paying close attention to the evolution of Personalization over the years. He’s witnessed its genesis as a set of rudimentary tools that provided product recommendations to broad marketing segments in isolated environments (Personalization 1.0).… Read More

Infographic: Turning Site Search into a Personal Shopper

It’s time to rethink that little box on your site. You know, site search, the tool your customers use to find your products? Companies like Uniqlo, Converse and Disney are seeing big results after converting that small box into a powerful merchandising tool that’s akin to a digital personal shopper.… Read More

Webinar: The Competitive Advantages Personalization 2.0 Brings to Retail eCommerce

On Tuesday, April 28th at 1PM EST, Brendan Witcher from Forrester will join us in co-hosting a webinar in which he’ll share insights on how Personalization is dramatically evolving. He is currently working on the subject of “Personalization 2.0” and we’re looking forward to this opportunity to hear more from him… Read More

What Do Products and Content Have in Common?

Here’s a statistic every online retailer should know by heart: “71% of prospective online buyers rely on product information and content when they are considering a purchase.” As Forrester points out, the content that consumers turn to during the exploration and decision making phases extend well beyond the product details… Read More

Retail Touchpoints: Retailers and Shoppers are Embracing Personalization

In a recent Retail TouchPoints article, Glenn Taylor takes us through some great examples of intelligent applications of personalization from some leading brands. He notes that the preference towards Personalization is not limited to just retailers. Shoppers like it to. Citing an Adobe Retail Personalization Survey, Taylor points out that… Read More

Is anyone out there reading your brand’s emails?

According to a great article in eMarketer, high frequency and irrelevancy are among the top reasons why readers are flagging emails as spam. In a way, it’s what you would expect after years of the batch and blast email programs that we all receive – and many of us are… Read More

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