To Understand One-to-One Engagement, You Have to First Know What it Isn’t

It is great to hear so many marketers talking about one-to-one engagement. It is unquestionably the next wave in eCommerce. Engaging directly with each consumer online at the individual level is proving to yield double digit revenue lifts and conversion rate increases for those who are getting it right. As… Read More

From Wetsuits to Online Personalization: How O’Neill Keeps Pioneering

Since they opened the world’s first surf shop in 1952, O’Neill Clothing has always been a company of “firsts”. Founder Jack O’Neill was among the first to produce wetsuits, foam surfboards, and surfboard leashes. To people who follow the company, it is no surprise that they are one of the… Read More

A Clarion Call for Retailers to Deliver More to Digital Customers

As leaders in retail and technology, we must all do a better job of embracing and serving the digital consumer. This is especially true in eCommerce, where major changes continue to affect the space. I was reminded of this in the keynote session featuring Kit Yarrow, Consumer Psychologist and… Read More

Segmentation is the wrong tool for customer engagement!

Marketers need to be better at knowing when to use the right tool for the right job   For decades marketers have used segmentation as a smart way to target customers with the right value proposition. This made sense as the primary means of engaging customers a decade or more… Read More

The future definition of “Mobile Strategy” will be obsolete

It is time to eradicate “Mobile Strategy” from the digital marketer’s vocabulary. It can be replaced with two separate entries: “Smartphone Strategy” and “Tablet Strategy” Mobile Strategy mo·bile strat·e·gy noun Obsolete : Once used to describe a single plan centered around an arbitrary cluster of portable devices. Not all that… Read More

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