Personalization Results So Good, It’s Scary

The Halloween season may be a spooky and scary time of year for Americans, but for the retail and ecommerce industries, it’s deadly serious business. Halloween 2016 is predicted to be the most profitable yet. According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics,… Read More

Artificial Intelligence – The New Merchandising Frontier

Late last week, Reflektion founder and CTO, Amar Chokhawala, was featured on in an article he authored titled, “The Rise of the Super (Smart) Merchandiser.” The full article can be viewed here. The article explores the increased popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and the opportunities they… Read More

Should Retailer’s Worry About Voice Search?

Mobile has changed a lot of things, how people talk to their friends, take pictures, shop, check email, set a schedule, and more recently, how they search. We all know people who “google” things at the drop of a hat (we might even be that person). And along with the… Read More

1 to 1 vs. Wisdom of the Crowd

In July’s edition of Innovative Retail Technology, Matt Pillar tackles the difficult question of what is personalization. The definition has become so broad that what we typically think it means is much different than how it is implemented. The article is built around an interview with Jeff Milbourn from Marmot… Read More

Prime Day and the Thrill of the Hunt

In the US alone, 52% of Amazon shoppers are Prime members*, able to take advantage of this year’s Prime Day. That’s about 63 million people with the potential to go to Amazon and make a purchase on a single day. Sounds like a win-win; shoppers get deals, marketplace stores get… Read More

Gartner Picks Reflektion as a Cool Vendor

Reflektion’s clients like Disney, Marmot, and Godiva have known for a long time now that personalization built around the individual shopper yields major results. When each shopper is presented with the right products at the right time, conversion rates and revenue increase by double digits (over 20% on average). A… Read More

What Retailers Can Learn From Marmot

Marmot is a hardcore brand with a reputation for pioneering. Heard of GORE-TEX®? Marmot was one of the first to ever use it in their products. Now forty years later, Marmot is as much an innovator as ever. When it came to Personalization for their eCommerce site, Marmot had high… Read More

2016 eCommerce Site Search Playbook

Reflektion just published the 2016 eCommerce Site Search Playbook, a guide to making site search one of the most powerful elements on your site. PICK UP YOUR COPY HERE For a lot of retailers, site search is a set-it-and-forget-it tool that no one has touched in a long time. But… Read More

Why Context Matters for Marketers

A recent Forrester report on “The Power of Customer Context” suggests that when every retailer plans their marketing activities the same way (message, segment, deploy, measure), it’s difficult to develop a true competitive advantage. So what can retailers do to be competitive? Instead of being locked into a generic cycle… Read More

The Individual Shopper is Finally Taking Center Stage

In a recent eConsultancy survey, retailers were asked to name the single most exciting opportunity for their organizations in 2016. It turns out that the top two are “optimising the customer experience” and “data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual”. Both these priorities are about the customer and in many… Read More

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