Everything You Need To Know About Site Search

We sat down with Reflektion’s Customer Success Team to discuss everything we ever wanted to know about site search (but were too afraid to ask). The Q&A is an interesting look into this often overlooked aspect of a digital store. 1) eConsultancy says users of site search are more likely… Read More

Six Things Not to Miss at NRF’s Big Show

All of us in the industry are going to have a lot to talk about this year at NRF’s Big Show. 2016 is an important year for retail. While an optimist would say the same at the beginning of just about any year, we’re seeing a lot of changes right… Read More

Knowing What Your Shoppers Want Before They Do

When most people visit a digital store, they are trying to either buy or shop. A buyer knows exactly what they want. They’ve already done their research and they’re ready to push the button and order that flat screen TV. All it takes is finding the best price and a… Read More

Individualization versus Personalization

Today’s eCommerce businesses are “challenging both themselves and their vendor partners to redefine personalization as individualization”, according to Forrester’s 2016 predictions report, The Omnichannel And Mobile Juggernaut. What is Individualization and how does it compare to Personalization? In short, Individualization is about targeting Individuals where Personalization is about targeting Segments.… Read More

Thank You for the Faster Sleigh

According to data published by NRF, 15% of Americans have not even started their holiday shopping and only 10% of the population is finished. Only 10% and Christmas is 9 days away! Are we all screwed? I don’t think so. And I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanksgiving is long gone,… Read More

Smartphones Finally Beat Tablets

Something finally happened on Black Friday 2015: For the first time in the US, the smartphone exceeded tablet’s percentage of online sales. It’s a sign that people are going beyond simply researching or looking up price comparisons from their phones. They are actually following through with purchases, often within the same… Read More

Help Wanted: 1 Million Personal Shoppers

Digital commerce is at a challenging point. Over the last few years, actual year over year percentage growth has decreased, according to the US Census Bureau*. We are now reaching a point where what was once seen as a benefit – endless aisles and order from your desk – is… Read More

Black Friday is a Mobile Commerce Holiday

This year, mobile traffic will likely exceed 50 percent of all eCommerce traffic during the holidays, and year over year revenue from mobile commerce will continue to grow by the double digits, according to IBM’s Holiday Benchmark Data. It’s important for retailers to realize that Black Friday is not exempt… Read More

RSR’s Report: Top 100 Retailers And Personalization

Everyone in retail seems to believe Personalization is a major priority. But how many have actually implemented a functional personalization strategy across their sites and devices? Shockingly, very few according to a recent study. View Report Card RSR Research did an extensive analysis of 100 top retailers. Each were evaluated… Read More

Questions to Ask a Prospective Personalization Vendor

It’s November – and that means hunkering down for the retail event of the year while simultaneously getting together a 2016 plan for your brand. Quite possibly, this may include evaluating personalization or optimization vendors — which is a difficult task. To help, here are a few questions to ask… Read More

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