What The Hell Is Individualization And Why Does It Matter?

For years marketers have talked about getting to know your customer. The discussions have come in many forms and there have been too many trees destroyed in printed white papers covering the topic. During that time, the term “personalization” became a much used and referenced element of knowing your customer… Read More

Why Quick Launches Are So Crucial

Having been in ecommerce for too many years, I have consistently seen vendor solutions take excessively long to deploy. It always baffled me, because by the time some of these solutions finally go live (from 6 months up to a year) business climates have changed, whole seasons of sales opportunities… Read More

We Won Start Up of the Year

This morning Reflektion was named Shop.org’s Digital Commerce Startup of the Year. We were selected from a pool of more than 60 entrants by a panel of judges made up of venture capitalists, prominent retailers, industry analysts and Shop.org board members. The core criteria for the judges were which company had… Read More

Shop.Org Names Reflektion Digital Start Up of The Year Finalist

All of us at Reflektion are very honored and excited that our company has been selected as one of three finalists for Shop.org’s Digital Commerce Startup of the Year. We were picked by a team of venture capitalists, retailers, and industry analysts. In their words: “The three finalists have the… Read More

Shopper or Marketer Apathy?

Email is a workhorse for brands, and is used consistently to re-engage shoppers, but it’s also taken a hit in the last few years. Between the volume of messages a shopper receives daily, the advent of the Gmail promo tab to filter messages from the primary inbox, and the seeming… Read More

What 4 Clicks Can Tell You about a Shopper

Once successful branding has brought a visitor off the street and through the doors of a traditional retail store, a sales associate’s trained eye can start to asses pretty quickly the reason behind the shopper’s visit and what that person might potentially buy. This valuable understanding becomes increasingly apparent as… Read More

Cafe Britt’s Head of eCommerce Talks Personalization

Sourav Sharma, head of eCommerce and online marketing at Cafe Britt recently spoke with 1to1 Media about how the coffee and chocolate retailer raised conversion by 18%. He explains how they solved the challenge of extending to its website the level of Personalization it provides to shoppers in nearly 100… Read More

Ecommerce Hits the Bricks with Retail Locations

Why are brands that started as purely online businesses taking a chance and establishing a brick and mortar presence? If you look at how the retail industry has evolved, this seems like a strategic step back. I remember reading about the beauty subscription service BirchBox a few years ago when… Read More

The $500 Billion Reason Why Innovation Matters to eCommerce

When you tell people you work in eCommerce technology, it’s always interesting to hear their reaction. The other night the topic came up with some new neighbors in my building. Immediately people were talking about shopping and buying from their Apple watches, a new retail delivery service that guarantees items… Read More

Digital Passport: Linking In Store and eCommerce

A passport is an incredible thing when you think about it. It’s your own universally recognized key that opens you to travel across borders. Right now in the retail world there are borders that are neither easy to cross nor universally recognized. They are the channels retailers offer, particularly eCommerce… Read More

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