The $500 Billion Reason Why Innovation Matters to eCommerce

When you tell people you work in eCommerce technology, it’s always interesting to hear their reaction. The other night the topic came up with some new neighbors in my building. Immediately people were talking about shopping and buying from their Apple watches, a new retail delivery service that guarantees items… Read More

Concierges and Garage Sales

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me to go to a store with him while he picked up some running shoes. By any common measure, that store would have placed my friend and me in the same segment. We are the same age, we are both avid… Read More

Disjointed Shopper Experiences = Failure

Imagine for a second that you’re visiting a restaurant. Let’s make it your favorite restaurant. Got it? Now imagine everything is normal except for one really weird thing. Each time the server comes to your table it’s a different person. Someone who has never seen you before. Right off the… Read More

Segmented Email: It’s Not Personalization!

I received an amusing and frustrating email from an analyst firm promoting a report on personalized email. Seeing as how Reflektion recently launched our 1 to 1 Personalized email solution, I had to open it and try to capture some of the insight provided by the analyst report. To my… Read More

The Personalization Bubblegum is all Chewed Up

Personalization is a word that’s been chewed around quite a lot in our industry. Everyone seems to have ideas of what it should mean. And tech marketers are shameless about stretching out its definition to be sure it includes their own product or service. Everyone has blown so much hot… Read More

Guide to Unlocking Shopper Intent

What happens when a digital store flat out ignores its shoppers? You miss out on opportunities for conversions and engagement. It’s what many eCommerce marketers are doing by not getting personalization right and not capturing and responding to their shopper’s real time intent. GET THE GUIDE  Our latest guide, Unlocking… Read More

When You Hear the Word Personalization at IRCE

Today marks the official kickoff of IRCE. And we’re looking forward to seeing you at booth 1543. Sessions will be focused on everything from cross-device marketing, what to look for in web analytics, and how smaller retailers can compete with bigger players. And of course, as has been the case… Read More

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