Four Characteristics that Define Personalization 2.0

As someone who focuses on how to drive e Business revenue, Forrester’s Brendan Witcher has been paying close attention to the evolution of Personalization over the years. He’s witnessed its genesis as a set of rudimentary tools that provided product recommendations to broad marketing segments in isolated environments (Personalization 1.0).… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Modernizing eCommerce Personalization

In a Q&A on the NRF Blog, Walgreens CMO Sona Chawla shared her vision that “Personalization will finally happen in a scaled way across every touchpoint.” Her idea, which the article labels as “Personalization 2.0 (or 3.0?)”, is one that is shared among many leading retail executives and analysts. So what is the difference… Read More

5 Ways “Individualization” will Change Retail eCommerce in 2015 and Beyond

The first generation of “Personalization” was a groundbreaking idea in eCommerce. It worked by identifying demographic commonalities among digital shoppers, bucketing them into segments, and targeting each with the content demonstrated by A/B tests to perform the best per group. In an industry that suffers from notoriously low margins, it… Read More

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