Apple versus Amazon; Choose Wisely

There is a fork in the road ahead for many brands’ digital stores; one road involves Amazon and and the other Apple. While brands’ use of voice search is still in its infancy, we need make clear a critical distinction which will inform your roadmap and set both your near… Read More

Site Search is Failing Your Customers

On Tuesday, we hosted a webinar with Forrester’s own Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher. The webinar, “Site Search is Failing Your Customers,” explored innovations in site search and how retailers can transform and optimize it to engage today’s consumer. We’ll be making the slides and a full recording of the webinar… Read More

Stuck Between a Rock and an Inbox. Maybe Not…

Email has historically been a marketing marvel for ecommerce. It is the most efficient revenue driver and can extend merchandising off site to the inbox. Unfortunately, a few years ago everyone started running the same email marketing playbook and now consumers are being bombarded with retailer emails. As a result… Read More

We Need to Talk About Your Mobile Strategy

At some point we allowed ourselves to become OK with responsive design as a mobile strategy. In truth, responsive design isn’t a real mobile strategy – it’s a placebo that doesn’t address the underlying problem. Responsive design is a desktop centric-approach that allows you to save time, money and energy… Read More

Share the Love with Customers this Valentine’s Day

For many retailers, Valentine’s Day is a critical holiday and a springboard for new year profits. Valentine’s Day sales reached an all-time high of $19.7 billion in 2016, per the National Retail Federation, and are predicted to dip only slightly this year to $18.2 billion. With over 25% of Valentine’s… Read More

The Short Shelf Life of Insight

Ecommerce brands have a limited amount of time to convince consumers to buy before they move on. They have an even shorter window of time to generate actionable insights based on the preferences and intent of each customer. Any misstep in the insights gleaned or customer experience created can result… Read More

It’s Time for Customer-First Commerce

The retail world has been referencing “omni-channel” for quite some time. While it was intended to reference a customer-centric strategy across a retailer’s integrated sales channels, in practice, “omni-channel” today is really more retailer- vs. customer-focused. It refers more to web and store integrations to standardize pricing and promotions of… Read More

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