Shopper or Marketer Apathy?

Email is a workhorse for brands, and is used consistently to re-engage shoppers, but it’s also taken a hit in the last few years. Between the volume of messages a shopper receives daily, the advent of the Gmail promo tab to filter messages from the primary inbox, and the seeming… Read More

What 4 Clicks Can Tell You about a Shopper

Once successful branding has brought a visitor off the street and through the doors of a traditional retail store, a sales associate’s trained eye can start to asses pretty quickly the reason behind the shopper’s visit and what that person might potentially buy. This valuable understanding becomes increasingly apparent as… Read More

Ecommerce Hits the Bricks with Retail Locations

Why are brands that started as purely online businesses taking a chance and establishing a brick and mortar presence? If you look at how the retail industry has evolved, this seems like a strategic step back. I remember reading about the beauty subscription service BirchBox a few years ago when… Read More

Digital Passport: Linking In Store and eCommerce

A passport is an incredible thing when you think about it. It’s your own universally recognized key that opens you to travel across borders. Right now in the retail world there are borders that are neither easy to cross nor universally recognized. They are the channels retailers offer, particularly eCommerce… Read More

3 (Not So) Secret Habits of Digital Shoppers

We’ve all heard of the big three characteristics of the digital shopper: they’re increasingly mobile, hard to locate across devices, and impatient in finding what they want online. But there are three lesser discussed, but equally important characteristics that have more to do with people shop that are taking over… Read More

Overwhelming Choice and Technology

Consumers are not owls. We have a limited field of vision and can only take in so much at a time. When faced with overwhelming choice, we try to seek out a narrow band of what’s familiar. If we don’t find what we we’re looking for, we often shut down… Read More

Guide: 7 Brand New Ways to Revitalize Email

Our new guide, You’re Doing Email Wrong: 7 Ways to Get it Right for the Modern Day eCommerce Shopper, dispels the myth that email is dying. When comparing your year-over-year conversion rates and other KPIs from email, retailers can’t be blamed for having some legitimate concerns about its performance. Email delivered… Read More

Measuring Customer Intent Value

Knowing shopper (or customer) intent is an incredibly powerful tool. This insight allows you to reward the shopper with an intelligent discovery experience built around their specific interests. It also lets you convert shoppers into customers at a much higher rate. Compared to brick and mortar, it is much easier… Read More

17 Tips for Personalizing Site Search

Here’s a fact every eCommerce marketer should know: There is no higher indicator of buying intent than a product search. A customer who uses site search isn’t just casually browsing. A customer who is searching is looking to buy. When it comes to the potential digital retail uses of site… Read More

Conversion Optimization Simplicity

Conversion Optimization is a term that many people use, but few define or even wrestle with. To many, it is a formula or secret to convert shoppers into buyers. In truth, there are two critical elements of Conversion Optimization: Getting the right product/content in front of the shopper Getting the… Read More

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