Artificial Intelligence – The New Merchandising Frontier

Late last week, Reflektion founder and CTO, Amar Chokhawala, was featured on in an article he authored titled, “The Rise of the Super (Smart) Merchandiser.” The full article can be viewed here. The article explores the increased popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and the opportunities they… Read More

Should Retailer’s Worry About Voice Search?

Mobile has changed a lot of things, how people talk to their friends, take pictures, shop, check email, set a schedule, and more recently, how they search. We all know people who “google” things at the drop of a hat (we might even be that person). And along with the… Read More

The Individual Shopper is Finally Taking Center Stage

In a recent eConsultancy survey, retailers were asked to name the single most exciting opportunity for their organizations in 2016. It turns out that the top two are “optimising the customer experience” and “data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual”. Both these priorities are about the customer and in many… Read More

Where are Retailers Placing Product Recommendations?

Retailers are being more creative in where they place product recommendations on their sites. For example, recommendations on Category and pop-up “Add to Cart” confirmation pages, are creeping up in usage as retailers look for new opportunities to merchandise to their shoppers. We shopped 120 randomly selected IR 500 eCommerce… Read More

eCommerce Touch Payments: Are There Drawbacks?

We can all relate to the frustrations eCommerce shoppers have when trying to purchase something on a mobile site. It’s easy to see first hand why complications with the checkout process remains a significant reason for mobile cart abandonment, which is upwards of 97%. While holding their phones in their… Read More

Thank You for the Faster Sleigh

According to data published by NRF, 15% of Americans have not even started their holiday shopping and only 10% of the population is finished. Only 10% and Christmas is 9 days away! Are we all screwed? I don’t think so. And I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanksgiving is long gone,… Read More

Smartphones Finally Beat Tablets

Something finally happened on Black Friday 2015: For the first time in the US, the smartphone exceeded tablet’s percentage of online sales. It’s a sign that people are going beyond simply researching or looking up price comparisons from their phones. They are actually following through with purchases, often within the same… Read More

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