Overall eCommerce grew in 2014, but a close look at the leaders suggest that results can be far better

The Census Bureau recently announced very positive retail sales numbers across the industry as the US economic recovery progresses. eCommerce sales continue to grow faster than stores. What we found at Reflektion this year is that leading retailers and brands focusing on the shifts in digital consumer behavior outperformed their… Read More

Lessons from Retail Peers: Integrating Brick and Mortar into the 1 to 1 Omni-channel Shopping Experience

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – Henry Ford Why didn’t the Sears mygofer experiment succeed? If you read last week’s Wall Street Journal article about it, you may be left with the impression that mismanagement, poor execution, and failure to identify with shoppers… Read More

The Holiday Season and eCommerce

In a recent roundtable discussion on NBC’s Press:Here, our CEO Sean Moran was asked to share his insights into what the holiday season means for eCommerce. Here are some of the key points Sean raised: – What a longer buying season (starting at Halloween, rather than Thanksgiving) means to both… Read More

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