The Only Individualized Email Solution

Reinvigorate your email marketing channel and improve revenue per email with embedded promotional and behavioral content, merchandised for the individual shopper at open time.


Individualize Every Message

Reflektion takes the email experience and injects the most timely and relevant promotional and behavioral content directly into your transactional and marketing messages. That means instead of merchandising a limited set of popular items, you can guarantee the promotion of the most relevant products for that individual shopper. By making the content of your emails more relevant, you can reactivate more shoppers, and dramatically increase revenue per email.

Extend Merchandising to the Inbox

Break away from the industry standard of sending predetermined merchandise focused on broad segments. While other solutions rely on this batch-and-blast strategy, Reflektion transforms a single send into thousands of individually targeted messages merchandised at open time. This reduces the retailer workload by dynamically selecting the right content using individual behavior and taste for each recipient to improve relevancy and click through rates.

Reverse Declining Results

Individualized content in promotional and behavioral messages counteracts the downward spiral in results for email by lifting click through, conversion rate and revenue per email. With Reflektion, every email is individually relevant, eliminating one-size-fits-all messages, and reducing the retailers need to send an overabundance of email campaigns to drive the same results.