1 to 1 Email tailored to individual recipients

Re-imagine email as an individual reactivation channel for your shoppers. Increase opens, click through rates, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, returning shoppers. With Right Time Messaging, retailers can expect much better results than the traditional blast and batch approaches.


Email content that's individually personalized
at open time

With Real Time Messaging, email content is specifically aligned with each individual recipient’s interests and most recent shopper intent. Rather than simply highlighting “on sale” or “most popular” items in email, retailers can engage with each customer by presenting true 1 to 1 content in real time, which is based on the recipient’s actual interests.

Tailored products and promotions delivered to each inbox

Right Time Messaging helps marketers present individual shopper relevant content and offers into triggered and promotional emails. For example, retailers can send automated emails to shoppers who have added an item to their cart, but not yet completed the checkout process. The email could include not only that item, but also related merchandise that the customer would be likely to prefer. It’s the smart way to reactivate your shoppers.

Increasing Email Metrics with Personalized Content

Right Time Messaging is focused on improving metrics like open rate, click through rate, and revenue per email. It’s common sense. When shoppers receive hyper-relevant emails, they are more likely to open and click. When the content they’re presented with is related to their personal preferences and most recent shopper intent, they are more likely to make a purchase.