Relevant Search Results for Each Individual Customer

Search exists so customers can signal exactly what they want. But most solutions simply show the most popular results for the term, and limit success for each shopper. Reflektion’s site search combines real-time customer preferences and intent with deep product knowledge to prioritize search results so only the most individually relevant results rise to the top.

Let Customers Search in Their Own Words

On your site, a shopper might type “black dress,” but conversationally they might add more context such as, “show me black dresses under $100.” Most site search solutions can’t accurately respond. Natural Language Processing allows you to understand these conversational searches and deliver tailored results shorten the path to product for each individual shopper.

Give Each Customer a Voice

Voice search is quickly weaving itself into the fabric of mainstream consumer engagement. What if you could marry the usefulness of voice search with your own ecommerce site? It’s now possible with Reflektion. A few simple words can transform a search into a simple, fast and accurate experience that overcomes a key ecommerce challenge – finding the right item in a near endless aisle.