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Know and Leverage Customers' Real Time Purchase Intent

Reflektion understands the individual intent and preferences of each customer and intelligently responds in real time. When combined with our knowledge of your brand’s product offerings, these insights allow you to leverage your most relevant content or products to influence each customer at every relevant point of engagement.


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Product Intelligence

It’s not enough to know your customer. To match them with the perfect product, you must also know your catalog. With an indexing rate of over 1 million documents per minute, our platform grasps the entirety of your catalog quickly and uses this knowledge to match shoppers with the most relevant products.


Our Latest Insights

Preparing Your Category Pages for the Rise of Mobile Shoppers

According to a Deloitte study, nine out of ten of consumers use mobile devices in the browse and research phase of shopping. These online shoppers don’t necessarily switch channels to buy. They’re also using their smartphones and other mobile devices to make purchases. As a case in point, consider last year’s Black Friday: Mobile is...

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Category Pages: Why Yours Don’t Work and 3 Ways Personalization Can Help

Your category pages are Google’s front door to your site. They not only receive the lion’s share of your site’s traffic, but for many searchers, they’re also the first impression of your brand.   Personalization is Now Expected “61% of US online adults are unlikely to return to a website that does not provide a...

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