Individualization versus Personalization

Today’s eCommerce businesses are “challenging both themselves and their vendor partners to redefine personalization as individualization”, according to Forrester’s 2016 predictions report, The Omnichannel And Mobile Juggernaut. What is Individualization and how does it compare to Personalization?

In short, Individualization is about targeting Individuals where Personalization is about targeting Segments.

Here’s a quick primer so you can easily understand more nuances between these two approaches.

Target Overly Broad Segments Individuals
Real Time Response No Yes
Retailer Requirements Heavy Minimal
Implementation Timeframe Months Weeks
Average Conversion Increases 0-4% 25+%

Individualization Conversion Impact

So how can you create an Individualization strategy that engages your visitors so they convert more, return often, and enjoy shopping from your site? Three next steps to get you there:

1) Grab a copy of our guide, Individualization: The Key to Unlocking Higher Engagement, Conversion, and Revenue and dig deeper.

2) See a video of BuySeasons COO Eric Kirkhofer explaining why Segmentation models did not work for the largest online supplier of Halloween costumes and how Individualization has made a major impact.

3) Schedule a demo and see how the strategy can work specifically for your company.

Stafford McKay

Stafford is the former Director of Content at Reflektion. He’s passionate about eCommerce Marketing, Technology, and Lake Michigan. When he’s not writing content, he can be found out on the water in the 1938 Chris Craft he shares with his family.