Deep insights start
with each individual shopper.

Reflektion offers a whole new kind of business intelligence with the unique vantage point of Individualized Commerce.


Control Panel

You are fully in control of how Individualized Commerce impacts your business. Pull the levers to reach specific goals, like offloading overstocked merchandise, optimizing revenue, or widening your profit margin. Our platform adapts to all your specific needs. Use the control panel to override algorithms, set your own A/B experiments, and more.

Personalization dashboard

The Reflektion dashboard is powerful and easy to use. Discover in real time if your optimization and testing efforts are working. The user-focused, highly visual design allows any user to follow every detail and trend. Understand what’s happening at a glance. Create custom reports in seconds.

Customer centric insights

Reflektion’s analytics platform surfaces product and shopper insights that provide new perspectives and revenue opportunities. Capture unseen correlations in your business drivers, new trends, and regional elements that you had not previously identified. Reflektion helps you interpret insights that lead to growth.

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