“Search is about more than just entering words into a box and hoping for the right results – it is the cornerstone of a digital experience. With Reflektion, a brand can add various types of search including personalized search, preview search, conversational search, and voice search … Acquiring Reflektion reinforces Sitecore’s position as the leader in digital experience technologies that meets customers in the moment with more relevant, intuitive, and human experiences.”

Steve Tzikakis, CEO, Sitecore

Enable one-of-a-kind digital search experiences that delight and convert

  • Deliver delightful, relevant searching, browsing, and purchasing experiences
  • Accelerate add to cart and customer loyalty
  • Expedite time-to-value with fast implementation  
  • Be competitive with a headless, API-first, composable platform

Personalization, once limited mainly to targeted offers, now extends to the entire customer experience. This means that customers want personalization throughout their interactions with a retailer—with multiple, personalized touchpoints that enable them to allocate their time and money according to their preferences.

SOURCE: Personalizing the customer experience: Driving differentiation in retail,
Erik Lindecrantz, Madeleine Tjon Pain Gi, and Stafano Zerbi, 28 April 2020

Turn browsers into buyers with dynamic search and recommendations

  • Engage shoppers with a highly visual search experience that actively previews individually relevant products as they type in the search box
  • Transform your site search from a generic word search association that boosts only the most popular products, into an individually targeted experience presenting the most relevant items for that shopper
  • Instantly upgrade your site with hyper-relevant product recommendations that are prioritized based on shoppers’ interest and intent

Robust Commerce Analytics & Proveable ROI

  • Increase conversions by showing only the most relevant results 
  • A/B test to better understand preferences and optimize 
  • Gain visibility into the success of your merchandising with robust reporting
  • Fuel your eCommerce growth with data-driven decisions

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