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The Future of Site Search has Arrived

Site search is grossly underutilized by eCommerce shoppers. For nearly two decades, it has lacked any real innovation or evolution, causing almost 50% of all eCommerce site searches to end in failure. That ends today. We’re excited to share that Reflektion has announced three powerful additions to our full and… Read More

Intelligent Product Recommendations: Death to the Dumb!

Product recommendations should be about intelligent shopper merchandising. Instead, what I often see in digital commerce today, are very generic, overly broad product recommendations that seem to have much more in common with the limitations of brick and mortar stores than with the data rich and immediately responsive environment of… Read More

True 1 to 1 Email

What happens when the power of 1 to 1 Personalization extends to email marketing? Something powerful, which is causing eCommerce marketers to ditch the batch and blast approach to email and re-imagine how they can engage with their shoppers individually offsite. One of the most requested features from our clients… Read More

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