Individually Relevant Category Pages

Display the products that are the most relevant to the individual shopper’s preferences and context on category pages. With Reflektion, you can display different category experiences to new or returning visitors, adapting the experience to feature select subcategories (by store availability, collection, etc.) which improves the relevance of products and prompts deeper engagement.

Dynamic Categorization for Optimal Shopping

Creatively merchandise your site with the categories that fit your selection of products, and best meet the interests of your shopper. This more flexible page structure gives you the ability to dynamically merchandise every category page around a season, color, or brand that’s more engaging and relevant to your audience.

Content and Merchandising Control

Reflektion offers flexible brand controls and rules creation (whitelisting, blacklisting, seasonal variables, etc.) for specific products, attributes, or shopper behaviors. These rules are configurable by page in the Reflektion Portal, giving your team the flexibility to vary the approach for different category pages.


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