Individually Relevant Category Pages

Prioritize the most relevant products for each individual shopper on category pages. With Reflektion, you can display different category experiences to new or returning visitors, adapting the experience to feature select subcategories (by store availability, collection, etc.) which improves the relevance of products and prompts increased conversion.

Landing Pages for Anything You Need

Don’t limit yourself to only a few landing page options. Reflektion allows you to create specific landing pages for email campaigns, keywords or seasonal efforts – maximizing engagement, campaign consistency or keyword content focus.

Full SEO Built In

Unlike most dynamic page builders, Reflektion automatically ensures all landing pages and category pages are fully optimized for SEO impact and SEM efforts. URL creation, content crawling and discoverability are all fully covered, ensuring maximum impact and long tail keyword benefit from every page.

Flexible Page Creation and Control

Reflektion offers highly editable and flexible page creation and controls. Marketers can choose to manually control the process (from content grid to slot level) or allow Reflektion’s AI to automatically respond to individuals across a page or in specific slots. Our full set of controls allows for blacklisting, whitelisting, overrides, etc of specific products, attributes or behaviors across any and all situations.

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