Unify the Customer Journey

Reflektion enables retailers to unify the data-rich world of eCommerce with the data-scarce world of offline, in-store retail. By leveraging a single, shared data set, brands can seamlessly connect promotions, schedules, experiences and insights; gaining a complete understanding of the end-to-end customer journey.

Empower In-store Associates

Consumers expect high-end, high-touch experiences with your brand on and offline. Reflektion empowers store associates to engage with each individual customer as they walk in the door and anticipate their needs; enhancing the in-store shopping experience and allowing associates to sell more effectively.

Partner for Better Data

Better data drives better results for your brand and better experiences for your customers. At Reflektion, we believe the best way to create real, cross channel customer engagement is to closely collaborate with like-minded partners – like Tulip.  Our strategic partnerships are expanding the way brands engage with customers beyond traditional data sets or touchpoints.



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