Digital Personalization: The Missed Opportunity

This morning we announced the launch of an exclusive Internet Retailer report examining the state of consumer eCommerce expectations; what the Top 100 Online Retailers are doing to respond; and the opportunities that exist right now.

Reflektion has joined forces with Internet Retailer to explore the widening gap between consumers’ eCommerce expectations and retailers’ ability to meet and exceed them.

Digital Personalization: The Missed Opportunity
The report reveals that retailers still have a long way to go if they are going to deliver on their promise of giving consumers what they say they want when shopping online.

Consumers say they want eCommerce experiences tailored to their preferences, but most retailers have yet to deliver. That’s a big miss, given the ample evidence that personalization – when executed effectively – drives bigger conversion rates, average order sizes and page views.

This research serves as a report card of sorts. It look at how effectively top online merchants are using personalization in several areas: recommended products on the home page, site-search intelligence, related product suggestions, shopper memory from one visit to another and email retargeting campaigns. It compares the current personalization tactics being used by top online retailers with what consumers say they want, based on a national survey of more than 500 consumers. And spotlights best practices from some retailers who have a firm grasp on techniques and are seeing big results.

Retailers who understand the lackluster performance of top eCommerce players and take note of how others are solving the personalization equation will gain a critical competitive advantage and remain ahead of the pack.

For more information and to download Internet Retailer’s full report for free, visit:


Matt Helmke

Matt is the senior director of communications and content at Reflektion. He’s led global communications, content and brand strategy programs for high-profile, culture-shifting Fortune 500 business divisions, as well as innovative, early-stage startups. The common thread running through his career is a passion for disruptive technologies focused on improving and redefining end-user experiences. Outside of technology, his passions include his family, music, bourbon, craft beers, fishing and swimming… but not all at once.