Cafe Britt’s Head of eCommerce Talks Personalization

Sourav Sharma, head of eCommerce and online marketing at Cafe Britt recently spoke with 1to1 Media about how the coffee and chocolate retailer raised conversion by 18%. He explains how they solved the challenge of extending to its website the level of Personalization it provides to shoppers in nearly 100 brick and mortar stores.

As we’ve previously shared in a case study,

Cafe Britt is a great success story of how an eCommerce business with a relatively small catalogue of merchandise is able to fully leverage Individualized Personalization.

Sharma provides an example in the 1to1 Media article: As a shopper browses the site and demonstrates an interest in a certain type of coffee, they will also be presented with merchandise like chocolates that complement the taste preferences they’ve expressed through their coffee choices. Intelligently pairing merchandise based on individual interests is one of reasons that Cafe Britt’s shoppers are now likely to add more to their baskets, and subsequently why the retailer has increased Average Order Value (AOV) by more than 20%.

The article takes a look at how Cafe Britt’s new individual shopper-based approach to digital retail has provided a competitive advantage as well as more details about how the brand achieved higher conversion rates and AOV.

Stafford McKay

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