Complete Personalization for eCommerce

Using eCommerce personalization technology, respond to each shopper’s individual preferences and interests in real time and increase conversions and revenue by over 20% through Predictive Product Merchandising, Individualized Site Search, and Mobile Optimization.


Predictive Product Merchandising

Predictive Product Merchandising is completely focused on the individual shopper rather than overly broad segments. Reflektion responds to real-time changes in shopper behavior, continuously evaluating individual intent to predict and display the most relevant products. Retailers have the flexibility to leverage product merchandising across the complete site, and the control to optimize each placement for specific brand goals, including promotions, profit margins, revenue and more.


Mobile Optimization

You should never have to limit your shoppers’ on-site experience just because they’re on a mobile device. Reflektion maximizes limited screen real estate by presenting the most relevant products to each individual. By optimizing site search and product merchandising for the mobile visitor, brands deliver intelligently curated experiences on every screen size and device. This highly personalized content, tailored specifically for mobile, significantly boosts conversion and revenue.


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