What is the “Reflektion Pivot?”

The Reflektion pivot is a seamless, personalized shopping experience across Preview Search, Full Page Search, Category & Landing Pages, Recommendations, Content and Email. It’s when a retailer’s site understands purchase intent and “pivots” in real-time.
Connected learning across site elements = more engaging shopping experience

How does it work?

Reflektion is architected based on a centralized customer profile. Search, Category & Landing pages, Recommendations and Content learn from each other click-by-click for a consistent personalized engagement throughout the shopper’s journey.
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If you show the shopper what they are looking for, they will buy it.

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The Reflektion Pivot is Unbeatable

  • Segmentation and rule-based personalization tools belong in the past. It’s time for next-gen AI.
  • Having one customer profile across native modules enables deeper learning, more relevancy, higher conversion, and increased revenue. No combination of point solutions can accomplish this.
  • Individualized search results and product listing pages improve conversion and boost SEO indexing.
  • Advanced merchandising analytics fuels data-driven decisions.
  • Operationally fast forward your business — Reflektion offers one business-friendly console and set of global merchandising controls for seamless digital shopper experiences.

With Reflektion, the right products find the shopper.

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