Content Personalization

Content Personalization is the ability to create, test, adjust and deploy personalized web or email content for different audiences. This capability usually includes pre-built styles in a library for creating contextual banners, titles and subtitles, promo codes, promo ribbons, and even introduce SEO meta tags. Ideally speaking, there should be no need for any web development for achieving content personalization and it should be definition driven. However, it is best to provide complete web customization control for creating or modifying new appearance styles via HTML.

With Reflektion’s content personalization, marketers and merchandisers leverage pre-built styles for creating highly personalized web or email experiences. The pre-configured library of content controls encompass the most common content layouts for maximum convenience.


Reflektion’s AI-powered personalization platform listens to the behaviors of each individual shopper, utilizes Artificial Intelligence to calculate their preferences and intent, and then responds to every moment-to-moment interaction by displaying the most relevant content and products in real-time and across the digital touchpoints that matter most—including preview and site search, product recommendations, category and landing pages, and email.

Leading retail brands such as Hanes, Marmot, Skechers, and Ulta rely on Reflektion’s platform.

Founded by pioneers in Artificial Intelligence and awarded both the Best eCommerce Solution and Best Overall Business Technology Solution by SIIA in 2019, Reflektion combines individual shopper insights, product intelligence, and AI to create more relevant and impactful eCommerce experiences.