Landing Page

In the eCommerce context, a landing page is a standalone destination page generally tied to a specific URL used in email campaigns or an organic search result. While it shares many visual similarities with Category Pages and Full Page Search results, it is different.

A landing page is Inherently SEO-optimized through URL building. It is primarily used to curate a specific shopper experience and group products into one page with other promotional banners that would not otherwise appear together in traditional navigation or search results. In that way, it presents a much more richer shopping experience than category pages or full page search results.

Reflektion landing pages can include any number of widgets not limited to search results & facets (or filters), recommendations, banners, content, and the SEO widget. It is very useful to drive quantitative metrics such as shopper engagement (Click Through Rates to Product Pages), Revenue Per Visit and Conversion Rates.

Some typical use cases for landing pages are:

  • SEO Landing Page (Paid Adword): A page generally setup for marketing specifically to drive SEO / page authority on a specific topic.
  • Email Landing Page: The destination page on the website from an email campaign.  Provides continuity of personalization and messaging between the website and email.
  • Experience Pages: Used to drive merchandising concepts.
  • Event / Seasonal Pages: Examples: holidays, back to school, sports events.

Reflektion’s AI-powered personalization platform listens to the behaviors of each individual shopper, utilizes Artificial Intelligence to calculate their preferences and intent, and then responds to every moment-to-moment interaction by displaying the most relevant content and products in real-time and across the digital touchpoints that matter most—including preview and site search, product recommendations, category and landing pages, and email.

Leading retail brands such as Hanes, Marmot, Skechers, and Ulta rely on Reflektion’s platform.

Founded by pioneers in Artificial Intelligence and awarded both the Best eCommerce Solution and Best Overall Business Technology Solution by SIIA in 2019, Reflektion combines individual shopper insights, product intelligence, and AI to create more relevant and impactful eCommerce experiences.