A Halloween Costume is About as Personal as it Gets

It’s interesting that the act of choosing a Halloween costume (an alter ego, creature or character) is one of the most personal decisions people make. This deeply individual decision is driven by trying to be cool, sexy, or unique, but also by expressing an inner desire like a hidden passion or a nerd fandom. Since Halloween happens once a year, there’s a lot of pressure to get it just right.


BuyCostumes, the largest online supplier of costumes wants shoppers to connect with the perfect get-up and feel right about it. They recognize that Halloween shopping is tricky business (corny pun intended) and their goal is to not only provide us with literally a million different costume combinations, but simultaneously simplify the experience and make it fun.

Scrolling through hundreds of superhero suits is a tedious process. But easily discovering items relevant to this very individual idea of “what we’re going to be”, is a rewarding shopping experience.

BuyCostumes has figured out how to accomplish the goal of merchandising to the individual and unique preference of each of their million plus shoppers. But they didn’t get there through product-based recommendation tools or segmentation (although they tried for many years). The BuySeasons team discovered that capturing and responding to each individual’s real-time shopping intent proved the most effective when it came to not only putting the right merchandise in front of the right shopper, but also also improving the company’s bottom line. Grab a copy of their story and see how BuyCostumes raised both conversion rates and revenue by over 20%.

Stafford McKay

Stafford is the former Director of Content at Reflektion. He’s passionate about eCommerce Marketing, Technology, and Lake Michigan. When he’s not writing content, he can be found out on the water in the 1938 Chris Craft he shares with his family.