Market to individuals,
rather than to broad segments.

Reflektion personalizes your marketing messages, campaigns, and offers by leveraging the preferences of each of your customers.


1 to 1 Personalized Email

Re-imagine email as an personal reactivation channel for your shoppers. Increase opens, click through rates, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, returning shoppers. With Right Time Messaging, retailers can expect much better results than the traditional blast and batch approaches.


Content optimization

Impact the shopping experience of each of your customers by displaying creative content that’s appropriately relevant. Showing the same pop up offer to every single visitor in a broad segment does not work. But delivering relevant content to each individual at the right time does. Leverage personalized offers, promotions, and tailored messages in order to accomplish the intent of your marketing campaigns. Reflektion allows you to optimize your content so you can drive customer behavior with specific business goals in mind.


1 to 1 display advertising

Drive incremental visits and purchases by reaching your shoppers off site. Deliver the most relevant offers and products that will engage them at the individual level. With less in the way between shopper and product, advertising clickthroughs see higher conversions, making your marketing budget more effective.

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