Unified Merchandising Rules

Reflektion’s Customer Engagement Console empowers you to create single merchandising rules and use them across multiple customer touchpoints. This not only reduces the workload of having to create the same rule multiple times but also ensures your rules are completely synchronized when you need them to be.

Slot Level Controls

With a full suite of merchandising controls, you can orchestrate the customer experience down to the slot level. You can pin, boost, bury, blacklist, or whitelist specific products in our simple to use drag-and-drop or query based rules editor. You can build deep rules based on product categories, sub-categories, and attributes and target contextual audiences by device, geo, or buying behavior models. All rules can be scheduled, as well, with start and end dates for promotional and campaign planning.

Powerful Analytics

Determine the impact of your merchandising campaigns with our Customer Engagement Console’s analytics dashboards, which allow you to capture core metrics and page results as well as page, widget, and variation performance. Additionally, the Customer Engagement Console allows you to A/B test different algorithm recipes and merchandising rules.

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