Mobile Takes Center Stage this Holiday Season

All eyes will be on mobile this Friday.

Mobile traffic peaked on Black Friday 2015. It outpaced desktop and made up more than half of all online traffic for the day. It also proved itself a force for driving revenue, accounting for over a third of that day’s total online sales. 2016 shows no sign of that trend slowing.

A strong mobile showing this Black Friday could signal the kickoff to a holiday shopping season that many are predicting will see dramatic surges in both mobile and app traffic. And if these predictions materialize, the message for brands is clear – mobile has arrived as a purchasing channel and must be considered and optimized as part of a larger cross-channel engagement strategy.

In the right hands, mobile can become an exceptionally effective channel, rather than an afterthought. If there’s a single reason for mobile’s slow start as a converting channel, it’s because it wasn’t prized, or even respected, by traditional marketers and sales teams. With the right insights, tools and resources, however, a mobile-focused e-commerce site can become a competitive advantage for brands. Where can brands start?

Two areas where brands can have immediate impact on mobile engagement and conversions are mobile search and product recommendations:

  • Mobile search results are a tremendous opportunity to drive conversion rates. Many smartphone users attempt to use a website’s search functionality to avoid the small menu options and broad categories of goods. Providing predictive search results tied to a user’s browsing and shopping history, as well as correlated with those of similar users, creates search results that are far more relevant and likely to convert.

    This means that instead of entering a search query and being forced to sort through a long list of irrelevant products, users can enter the same query and be given a handful of items that are almost certainly what they were looking for in the first place.
  • Personalized product and content recommendations speed mobile conversions. The limitations of mobile screen sizes mean brands must make the most of every pixel that’s displayed. Brands can combine all their customer data, and their customers shopping behavior (every click, add to cart and purchase) to tailor product recommendations to the individual customer (rather than an overly broad segment). As a result, customers don’t have to navigate through clutter or tiny menus or more importantly surf an overly broad selection of merchandise, to find what they’re looking for.
Matt Helmke

Matt is the senior director of communications and content at Reflektion. He’s led global communications, content and brand strategy programs for high-profile, culture-shifting Fortune 500 business divisions, as well as innovative, early-stage startups. The common thread running through his career is a passion for disruptive technologies focused on improving and redefining end-user experiences. Outside of technology, his passions include his family, music, bourbon, craft beers, fishing and swimming… but not all at once.