Overcoming the Smartphone Conversion Problem

No one in eCommerce is immune to the challenges of smartphone conversion rates, which on average are only about ⅓ of desktops and tablets.

Why are smartphone ecommerce conversion rates only 1/3 of desktop and tablets?


In our talks with leaders in the industry, some common threads resound.

Consumers are visiting eCommerce sites from their smartphones in growing numbers, increasing the overall percentage of traffic coming from smartphones (for some this is already approaching 50% of total traffic). This dramatic shift combined with the lower conversion rates from smartphones is already having an impact on revenues for many retailers.

Metal Mulisha is a textbook example of how to overcome the smartphone conversion problem and solidify revenue growth. Read our case study to see how they increased smartphone revenue by 36% while forming a deep connection with their active customer base.

Metal Mulisha ecommerce mobile conversion rates

Metal Mulisha mobile stats after individualization

For those readers who’d like to take a deeper dive beyond this example, a recent whitepaper we wrote, “Unlocking Smartphone Conversions,” provides more specifics and lays the groundwork to forming a new strategy.

Cameron Conaway

Cameron is the Director of Content at Reflektion. His work as a journalist and content marketer has appeared in Forbes, Newsweek, and The Guardian, among other outlets. Connect with him here on LinkedIn and on Twitter @CameronConaway.