(Final) Part 5 – Practical tips for growing your eCommerce conversion rates

Today, we’ve reached the final leg of our journey to share expert tips for increasing eCommerce conversion rates. If you haven’t had a chance to read our latest post in the 5-part series, be sure to check it out (Part 4: Practical tips for growing your eCommerce conversion rates). Today, I’m delivering the final tip and rounding out the discussion by describing how Reflektion’s Customer Engagement Platform delivers everything you need to quickly and profitably scale your eCommerce business.

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Tip # 10 – Deliver connected shopping experiences across touchpoints

79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand. No doubt e-commerce personalization is important for improving conversions, but it’s only as good as the weakest link throughout the customer journey. When shoppers interact with your e-commerce website, they want to have connected experiences that build on each other—across sessions and devices. Connected personalized experiences make them feel understood at an emotional level and they appreciate that the brands are treating them as unique individuals.

Many brands and retailers make the mistake of piecing together disjointed point solutions to deliver eCommerce personalization, which has two major disadvantages. To begin with, since these siloed point solutions don’t talk to each other, they can’t build a coherent picture of the shopper with each interaction. Without an accurate shopper profile, it’s impossible to deliver a connected shopping journey experience across all digital touchpoints. With disconnected experiences, customers have shopping fatigue, and after sometime they just leave, never to come back.  Secondly, siloed point solutions paint optimistic conversion lift statistics that don’t tie up with each other—because shoppers can’t be identified uniquely.

Knowing these limitations, you should ensure that each of your eCommerce personalization experiences are powered via a robust AI-powered personalization platform that has a shopper profile database at its center. The beauty of a unified, connected platform approach is that every customer interaction is natively reflected in the performance of the underlying modules and influences the customer’s future personalization experiences along the shopping journey. This approach automatically leads to higher conversions.

Reflektion’s next-generation customer engagement platform delivers it all

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Reflektion delivers all the above capabilities out-of-the-box in a cohesive, next-generation customer engagement platform. With our real-time intelligent personalization platform, customers receive a connected and integrated experience across all digital touch points—be it search, product recommendations, category or landing pages, content personalization or emails.

At the core of our next-generation customer engagement platform, we have an individual customer profile big data dataset that continues to grow exponentially with data on shopper’s location, preferences, clickstream interaction and purchase history. Our purpose-built AI / ML engine works intimately with this rich database and is constantly discovering relationships between product attributes to deliver intelligent personalized experiences across our platform modules. We combine each shopper’s live clickstream data with the product insights to intelligently respond to shopper’s purchase intent in real-time across channels—a tremendous advantage for brands and retailers. Another huge advantage is that our unified platform can be used across merchandisers, marketers, and business analysts as a system of intelligence for personalization. It’s versatility provides a one-stop solution by adding value across channels and decreasing total cost of ownership at the organization level.

Reflektion’s modern, state-of-the-art technology is a big reason as to why we’re ahead of the curve in solving the customer engagement gap. There is a plethora of first-generation personalization products in the marketplace that were built a decade ago using legacy technology and infrastructure. Most of these point products are monolithic in architecture, and don’t have advanced AI / ML or automation built-in. On the other hand, Reflektion’s platform was built on technologies like Big Data, AI / ML, Click Stream, and Microservices that deliver scale, security and performance.


To thrive in today’s competitive world, you need to do a lot more than offer a basic eCommerce website with first generation segment-based personalization. The best brands and retailers need to achieve the promise of eCommerce personalization by implementing strategies that will improve conversion rates. You can deliver on this promise through 1:1, real-time, AI and NLP-powered personalization across all touchpoints —search, recommendations, pages, personalized content, email—of the customer journey. Executing on the advice in this blog series will help you form an emotional connection with the shoppers, improve conversion rates, and stay ahead of the competition.

If you haven’t explored the power of Reflektion’s next-generation customer engagement platform yet, I highly encourage you to contact one of our personalization experts today via reflektion.com/demo.


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Practical tips for growing your eCommerce conversion rates

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