Reflektion Delivers Personalized, 1 to 1 Email for Online Retailers

Enhanced Software Solution Allows Leading eCommerce Marketers to Re-Imagine Email as an Individual Reactivation Channel and to Double Open Rates

Reflektion, an innovator in eCommerce 1 to 1 Personalization, today announced the release of Right Time Messaging. The solution is unique in its ability to hyper personalize emails to individual recipients up until the moment an email is opened.

Right Time Messaging, which is currently launching across several Reflektion clients including Disney and O’Neill Clothing, delivers personalized email content that is specifically aligned with each individual recipient’s interests and most recent shopping intent. The solution uses methods that are statistically proven to facilitate response rates that are stronger than traditional email approaches, which depend on marketing to broad segments.

Right Time Messaging is the first product leveraging the Reflektion platform that works with a retailer’s marketing systems. Reflektion’s 1 to 1 search and product merchandising products have enabled retailers and brands to convert large numbers of website visitors into customers. This email messaging solution is focused on reactivating customers by injecting real-time, 1 to 1 content into triggered and promotional emails, selecting the most relevant products and promotions for each individual. The solution is critically important to the industry as it helps convert buyers into loyal customers by accelerating second online purchases (a key objective for many retailers).

“In order to fully engage with our shoppers, we need to always be providing them with the most relevant content. This means extending the shopping and discovery experience off site, but doing it in a really personal way,” said Daniel Neukomm, CEO of La Jolla Group, O’Neill Clothing’s parent company. “Reflektion’s email solution lets us be hyper relevant right down to the individual level in real time, literally as customers open the email on any device.”

1 to 1 Email Personalization Reverses Declining Open and Click Through Rates

To date, the extent of most eCommerce email tactics is largely around sending an overall promotion or broad product suggestions, such as highlighting “new,” “most popular” or “on sale” products. These approaches are based on a legacy methodology that classifies segments based on “top down” demographics and general information. In contrast, Reflektion’s new personalized email solution gives marketers the opportunity to engage each customer as an individual with highly relevant content.

The Reflektion platform is a radical departure, and was purpose-built to focus on real-time, 1 to 1 Personalization at the core — accounting for each individual shopper’s current intent. With this new email solution from Reflektion, retailers can extend the shopping and discovery experience into the email channel by promoting products targeted to each individual recipient’s preferences. Reflektion clients generate emails that feature a direct link to products, which drastically shortens the recipient’s click stream across all devices and reduces shopper frustration and abandonment.

“Email can be the most powerful and efficient reactivation tool for marketers. But the batch and blast technique still in use is often not effective with today’s digital consumer,” said Sean Moran, CEO of Reflektion. “With the ability to deliver relevant products and promotional messages to individuals based on their shopping behavior up to the time they open the email, marketers can breathe new life into their brand’s email strategy by dramatically improving results.”

Reflektion accelerated its focus on email personalization based on specific requests from its clients. Clients who had benefitted from new customer acquisition with Reflektion’s 1 to 1 ecommerce personalization, wanted a way to drive improved reactivation of their first-time customers and their entire customer base. They believed that the same provider that drove great results on their web and mobile sites could duplicate those results through their email program.

About Reflektion
Reflektion provides a complete 1 to 1 eCommerce solution for the world’s leading brands. The company is re-writing the eCommerce Personalization playbook to truly revolve around individual shoppers. Reflektion’s eCommerce solutions power brands like Disney, Uniqlo, and Converse. Reflektion clients are generating significantly higher returns than legacy Personalization platforms with conversion rates increasing by an average of 26%. The company is backed by leading investors including Intel Capital and Nike.