Reflektion Introduces Personalized and Visual Site Search for eCommerce

New Solution Increases Revenue per Search by 300 percent

Reflektion, an innovator in retail personalization and predictive analytics, today announced Personalized and Visual Site Search for eCommerce retailers and brands. The solution adds a critical layer of personalization and immediate product imagery to site search results on eCommerce websites. The solution has been running in beta for existing Reflektion clients, including The O’Neill Clothing Company and 2XU, and is generating an average of 315 percent more revenue per search term compared to standard site search.

“Product searches on the 2XU website have turned into a visual merchandising experience that brings each shopper one click away from the products they are looking to buy,” said Sydney Wells, eCommerce marketing specialist at 2XU. “Reflektion’s focus on personalizing search is paying off. We are seeing conversion rates increase by double digit percentages.”

Reflektion’s site search enhancements includes two major components:

Integrated Personalized Site Search

Site search is one of the highest-buying intent signals eCommerce has at its disposal. It is also one of its most underutilized tools. Reflektion recognized there was more to site search than simply matching text in a query to its closest related product. By integrating its one-to-one personalization platform into site search, Reflektion saw an untapped opportunity to deeply engage with consumers in an area that is usually neglected.

One-to-one personalization in site search works by first analyzing the information individual consumers share through their past and present engagements with a site, including what they have searched for, their clicks, views, and purchases. That data is then paired with powerful machine-learning algorithms that prioritize each visitor’s search results to their individual characteristics as they type in real time.

Real-Time Visual Site Search

Powered by Reflektion’s one-to-one personalization engine, Real-Time Visual Site Search responds in real time to visitor as they type by displaying a selection of product images that are personalized to the specific interests and preferences they have shared in each click, view and visit.

Providing visuals immediately during search puts consumers one-click away from the product they are most likely to add to their baskets. Their style, gender, size and more are all taken into account in a way that makes them feel their search experience is tailored just for them.

This feature turns a potentially mechanical search process into an engaging merchandising opportunity that leverages the consumer’s unique interests and tastes.

“Using Reflektion’s Personalized Site Search, many of our clients’ site search usage has jumped from 6 percent to more than 30 percent,” said Sean Moran, CEO of Reflektion. “This is based on repeat visitors finding that search has become a highly efficient way to find the things they are most interested in, and subsequently, conversion rates and revenue increase quickly as well. Increased use of search has tremendous impact on our clients’ bottom lines because it is a higher-converting source, subsequently dramatically impacting revenue.”

About Reflektion
Reflektion is a state of the art personalization and predictive analytics platform for retailers and brands. Based in Silicon Valley, Reflektion was founded in 2012 by machine-learning superstars to bring the most advanced technologies into commerce businesses. Reflektion offers a quick and easy way for its customers to achieve greater revenue, better conversion and more page views, without investing in new systems. Reflektion does the number crunching, deep learning and application delivery from the cloud on a subscription basis. Reflektion’s patented algorithms reduce computational overhead by hundreds of times, enable modeling of millions of users every day and predict with high confidence what customers will do next. For more information, visit