Reflektion Sees Dramatic Growth as Brands Turn to AI to Disrupt eCommerce

This morning we proudly announced that Reflektion has more than doubled the size of our customers base in Q1 of this year. Among those brands contributing to Reflektion’s dramatic growth are world-class eCommerce leaders Ann Taylor, Sur la Table and TOMS.

Fewer than half of retailers are getting personalization right. For this very reason, Reflektion enables brands to leverage the power and promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – allowing websites to understand and respond to individual shopper preferences and intent in real time and unifying the customer journey across touchpoints at scale.

Retail and eCommerce leaders are turning to AI improve the customer experience and drive greater revenue for their brand. Reflektion is disrupting the customer engagement experience for retailers by making AI accessible to all. Its sophisticated platform and technology architecture, enable brands to process a tremendous amount of customer, behavioral and product data, respond in real time with the most relevant content or products, and understand the business impact of each new experience created. Though the power of artificial intelligence these brands are able to understand shopper preferences and intent in real time, and to deliver the most relevant experiences across touchpoints.

“As the world’s retailers seek to redefine the customer experience, they’re quickly recognizing that e-commerce is the new foundation on which it’ll be delivered. This fundamental shift is creating a massive opportunity for brands to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to transform customer engagement and deliver experiences that are agile, responsive, intelligent and contextually relevant to each individual shopper. Reflektion is the partner that’s equipped to help seize this opportunity, and we’re proud to welcome more world-class brands to our family.”

– Amar Chokhawala, CEO, Reflektion

Matt Helmke

Matt is the senior director of communications and content at Reflektion. He’s led global communications, content and brand strategy programs for high-profile, culture-shifting Fortune 500 business divisions, as well as innovative, early-stage startups. The common thread running through his career is a passion for disruptive technologies focused on improving and redefining end-user experiences. Outside of technology, his passions include his family, music, bourbon, craft beers, fishing and swimming… but not all at once.