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2020 eTail Report: Embracing the Journey to Discovery

Explore the changing landscape of Retail Search & Acquisition Learn 9 key findings driving the 2020 SEM initiatives of leading marketing & digital commerce leaders.  Reflektion partnered with WBR Insights to survey 100+ marketing and digital commerce leaders across North America who are focused on the transformation of retail search and customer acquisition. By reading… Read More

The Missed Opportunity

60% of Online Retailers are Doing This Wrong.  Explore the widening gap between consumers’ eCommerce expectations and retailers’ ability to meet and exceed them. This exclusive report reveals that retailers still have a long way to go if they are going to deliver on their promise of giving consumers what… Read More

Read what 451 Research has to say

Reflektion’s AI-enabled personalization platform weighs both the ‘what’ and ‘why’ equally, giving a more complete picture for its machine-learning algorithms to work with. This includes the ability to recognize patterns, comprehend intent, predict, problem solve, identify actions and make decisions, which can result in creating a more immersive shopping experience.… Read More

Hepsiburada: Site Search at Scale and Speed

With 2.5 million unique users per day, peaking at over 12 million during the holidays, Hepsiburada is Turkey’s leading ecommerce marketplace. Hepsiburada’s scale, roughly ⅓ of eBay’s traffic, is immense.… Read More

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