1 to 1 Personalization is Here: O’Neill Clothing

Dramatic Results with 1:1 Personalization

The O’Neill Clothing Company’s consistent success stems from a practice of listening and responding to the unique needs of each of its customers. Reflektion’s Personalized eCommerce Platform has made it all possible.

O’Neill turned to Reflektion to see if they could address their objectives. Reflektion’s platform was designed to capture and analyze every unique customer behavioral touchpoint. By taking this data and applying machine learning algorithms, the solution creates truly engaging Individualized experiences.

In the months following their integration of the Reflektion platform, conversion rates increased by 26%, the average order size grew by 17%, and overall page views jumped by 62%. As a result, O’Neill’s revenue swelled.

How did O’Neill’s achieve these results?

  • Merchandising: Each O’Neill shopper is presented with a personalized digital store that’s uniquely curated to them. Their individual behavior is leveraged in real time to make merchandising hyper relevant, at the individual level.
  • Preview Search: Rather than treat site search as a simple text-based dictionary look up tool, O’Neill reimagined it as a merchandising opportunity. Shoppers now see visuals of relevant products in real time, as they type in their search queries.
  • Enhanced Smartphone and Tablet Experience: O’Neill’s shoppers are active and mobile. To engage with them, O’Neill went well beyond simple responsive design and fully extended Reflektion’s Individualized solution to smartphones and tablets. Now, every square pixel of screen real estate is dedicated to individual shopper relevancy.

These features work together to create a deeply engaging, brick-and-mortar influenced eCommerce experience for every single visitor. Consumers visiting the oneillclothing.com site should feel as engaged as if they were walking through the doors of a physical O’Neill retail store.