Practical AI for eCommerce

Examine the hype around AI for eCommerce, explore its practical applications, get insight into how it works, and discover how it can improve your customer experience and deliver impressive results for your KPIs.

Did you know that 90%of consumers around the globe are either interested in AI or willing to try AI tools? And 63% have already been exposed to AI without knowing it? Retailers that don’t adapt and explore ways to give customers what they want, when they want it, will soon find themselves not just behind the AI curve but behind the overall competitive curve.

Practical AI is the valuable application of intelligence rendered by machines. It’s rooted in present-day use cases, and it’s separate from the futuristic promises and predictions of what artificial intelligence may be able to accomplish someday.

ai for ecommerce

What’s inside:

  • The difference between AI in popular culture and AI that drives results;
  • Why voice search surged after Siri and Alexa and how retailers can stay relevant in light of this trend; and,
  • The importance of color synonym mapping for powerful customer journeys.

In an industry where the only constant is change, practical AI offers eCommerce leaders powerful tools to maximize their efforts. But only if they’re able to distinguish the signal from the noise.