Reflektion drives revenue and engagement during 2019 peak holiday season

Reflektion’s market leading AI & NLP-based 1:1 personalization platform made a significant positive business impact on its fast-growing customer base during the recent peak holiday shopping season – specifically Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As shoppers came out in droves to take advantage of favorable discounts and specials, those retailers and brands that personalized the eCommerce shopping experience achieved outsize gains when compared against the prior year. Read further to learn how Reflektion’s modern 1:1 personalization platform enabled retailers to address changing customer behaviors in real-time across channels and dramatically increase conversion rates and revenue. 

Key Insights

  • Reflektion’s analysis determined that greater sales and engagement results were observed during the 2019 peak holiday period than the previous year. 
  • Noting a new trend, this year the holiday shopping spree extended beyond Cyber Monday into Tuesday. Shopping behaviors are clearly evolving every year, and retailers should track, identify, and take advantage of ever-changing customer habits. 
  • Returning shoppers showed significantly more engagement than new shoppers on eCommerce sites. Similarly, shoppers who converted showed significantly higher engagement rates than those who didn’t.

Time Period of Measurement

In 2019, the peak holiday shopping period occurred between November 25th and December 5th, with the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday falling on November 27th. Last year in 2018, the peak holiday period occurred between November 19th and November 29th, with Thanksgiving on November 22nd. As such, the insights and statistics in this post are based on comparing the above-mentioned holiday date ranges. 


    • All “direct” statistics pertain to sessions in which an order was placed within 30 mins of clicking on a product that was personalized and displayed in real-time for that specific shopper via Reflektion’s cutting-edge AI/ML. 
    • Unless stated otherwise, other statistics refer to site level data.

Reflektion Peak Holiday Period Metrics

For the 2019 peak holiday period, Reflektion customers’ eCommerce sites experienced 161M sessions and 207M page views. Across all Reflektion-powered eCommerce sites, shoppers conducted online transactions worth $574M, of which $91M worth of “direct” purchases were made from 5.1M orders. These direct transactions worth $91M occurred within 30 mins of clicking on a Reflektion-powered, highly individualized personalization recommended product experience. 

Comparing Sales Growth

Compared to the 2018 holiday period, in 2019, there was a 75% YoY increase in average direct site conversion rates and a 116% YoY increase in average direct add-to-cart rates. View the charts below to compare these metrics over the 11-day peak holiday period each year. 

2019 & 2018 Average Direct Conversion Rates Trend
2019 & 2018 Average Direct Conversion Rates Trend


2018 Average Direct Add-to-cart Rates Trend
2019 & 2018 Average Direct Add-to-cart Rates Trend

During this peak shopping season, Reflektion customer sites experienced a sharp increase in total orders placed due to the ‘flywheel’ effect that occurs when tapping a unified platform for delivering personalized shopping experiences across touchpoints such as sites search, product recommendations, category & landing pages, content, and emails.

Total orders placed during 2019 holiday season
Total orders placed during 2019 holiday season

Due to higher conversion and add-to-cart rates, the total revenue and direct revenue/session were even more pronounced, as can be seen from the sharp spikes in the following graphs:

Total eCommerce revenue during 2019 holiday season
Total eCommerce revenue during 2019 holiday season
Average Direct Revenue/session during 2019 holiday season
Average Direct Revenue/session during 2019 holiday season

New versus returning visitors 

The dynamics of new versus returning visitors also had an interesting effect during this holiday season. Compared to new visitors, repeat visitors viewed 47% more pages, placed 73% more direct orders, and generated 104.2% more direct revenue. Returning visitors also had a 99% higher site conversion rates and 72% higher add-to-cart rates than new visitors.

New versus returning visitors

Converted vs not converted visitors

The 2019 holiday data also revealed a 5.5-6x higher session duration for converted shoppers versus non-converted shoppers across all Reflektion enabled eCommerce sites.

Converted vs not converted visitors

Making it happen

It’s noteworthy to point out that these results were made possible due to several year-round system and AI/ML enhancements that the Reflektion product and operations teams implemented proactively. For example, Reflektion’s microservice architecture is designed to scale the underlying services as needed in real-time. Before the 2019 peak season, the Reflektion product development team simulated a load 5X higher than normal without an issue. Also, there were ZERO support tickets from customers during the peak period which serves as a testimony to the resilience and performance of the Reflektion platform.


Tried Reflektion Yet?

Imagine what Reflektion can do for your eCommerce site growth and engagement! Reflektion’s modern AI/ML and NLP based unified personalization platform routinely routinely outperforms all other vendors in head-to-head live demonstrations. The above mentioned holiday performance numbers are testimony to the tangible growth that Reflektion customers like Hanes, Jockey, Petco and Michael Kors are routinely experiencing on a daily basis. To find out how Reflektion can dramatically improve conversion rates, customer engagement, and eCommerce revenue, please schedule your personalized demo today.

Gaurav Verma

Gaurav Verma is the Head of Product Marketing at Reflektion, where he is focused on evangelizing AI-powered real-time personalization to retail e-commerce audiences. On a personal level, Gaurav enjoys playing the harmonium, a classical musical instrument (origins: France), and has a growing Youtube channel for music enthusiasts.

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