We've found opportunities to improve your shopper experience

  1. Personalize search results based on shopping intent, elevating the products with the attributes I show interest in.
  2. Add image tiles to preview search results
  3. Add recommendations to the cart
  4. Make sure all PDP pages show a Recommendations widget
  5. Improve the relevancy of the “Pairs with” recommendations based on shopping intent

The Reflektion Analysis

That's where Reflektion comes in ...

Reflektion delights your shoppers with a seamless digital experience. From search to sale, we help you create relevant experiences that drive conversions.

How can Scrubs & Beyond benefit?

After our initial evaluation of Scrubsandbeyond.com, our team believes Reflektion can:

  •  Increase your conversion rate by 12%
  • Reduce vendor costs by 25% when consolidating search, recommendations, pages and email.

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