Why Smartphones and Tablets Should be Separated

It’s easy to understand why people lump smartphones and tablets into the same strategy. But it’s not always as easy to understand why conversion rates are so much higher on smartphones than tablets. In an article published in CMO Magazine today, our CMO Kurt Heineman addresses this issue and shares how he responds whenever someone says, “My smartphone strategy isn’t working”.

Highlights from the CMO Article:

  • By default, odds are you have your tablet strategy pretty well-solved, supported by much of your desktop strategy
  • When executed correctly, smartphone conversion rates have the highest upside opportunity.
  • Smartphone traffic is surging, and those marketers who make the most of this opportunity will have a distinct competitive advantage.

Read it here.

Cameron Conaway

Cameron is the Director of Content at Reflektion. His work as a journalist and content marketer has appeared in Forbes, Newsweek, and The Guardian, among other outlets. Connect with him here on LinkedIn and on Twitter @CameronConaway.