The Digital Commerce Experience Platform for eCommerce and Retail

Your customers aren’t looking for one size fits all products – and they shouldn’t be treated that way either. Reflektion leverages AI to offer a system of intelligence that lets you create quick and relevant digital experiences for your customers.


Solution Selling with Reflektion

Reflektion is committed to being flexible and expedient in responding to functional, technical and investment elements during selling opportunities.  You’ll have specifically assigned resources per opportunity for the duration of the sales cycle, including a senior solution architect. Bring us in as early as you like, helping you close first phase sales cycles.

Directo to Consumer
Fitment / Parts Retailer

Measuring Success

We deliver on key eCommerce KPIs. Reflektion’s Advanced analytics provides on-demand business insights to help you realize performance improvements centered around metrics like conversion rates, RPV, and AOV. Our globally integrated analytics work for categories, products, keywords, and more. 

Training & Education

OnDemand and live training Reflektion sessions will be provided when appropriate.

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Reflektion is priced based on volume and annual commitments. Your dedicated selling team will work with you for each opportunity. 

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