Super Bowl Ad Shows how Segmentation is “sorta you”

sorta your mom Super Bowl Ad

The esurance “sorta you” campaign during the Super Bowl did a fabulous job of capturing just how bad marketing segmentation can be. Three ads show different examples of how incredibly offensive (and hilarious) it can be for individuals when they are thrown into overly broad buckets that are “sorta” designed to match their characteristics.

In “sorta your mom”, a woman driving a wrecked car barrels into a school parking lot and stops short of a little boy. When she rolls down her window and reveals herself to be Lindsay Lohan, the boy blankly looks at her and says “umm. You’re not my mom”.

“Hey! I’m sorta your mom. We’re both 25-35 years old, we’re both women on the go and we’ve both clocked a lot of miles.”

Lindsay Lohan may share some characteristics with this kid’s mom, but they are wildly different individuals. Marketing to them both in the same manner is outright foolish and counterproductive.

As a casual viewer of the Superbowl, you were probably amused. But as a marketer you might have been outright terrified. Is this sorta what happens when people visit your site? You think you’re relating to people by bunching them up into segments where some commonalities overlap. You might even consider what you’re doing to be “personalization” But in reality, you could be missing the mark – horribly.

Check out our white paper “Segmentation is not Personalization” and see how you can avoid the pitfalls of making false assumptions about your customers.

And be sure to check out all the ads in the esurance campaign on YouTube if you haven’t already. The one with Bryan Cranston standing behind a pharmacy counter wearing his Breaking Bad gear is especially funny.


Stafford McKay

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