Robust, Multi-layered AI

Reflektion’s AI engine traverses multiple layers in real-time for maximum shopper conversion effectiveness. First, the contextual layer addresses variables such as geolocation, season, time of day, incoming traffic source, and device. Next, the cohort layer takes advantage of trending and similar interests at an aggregate level. Then, at the individual layer, the AI engine takes into consideration the visitor’s preferences for price, style, size, and color. Finally, the business layer factors in margin, revenue, and manually specified boost, bury or pin rules that merchandisers may apply based on business needs.

Patented Proprietary ML Algorithms

Reflektion’s state-of-the-art personalization technology is built with patented proprietary AI algorithms that are based on the latest and greatest machine learning models: deep learning, neural networks, collaborative filtering, statistical regression, and clustering. Inherently self-learning in nature, these algorithms enable breakthrough intelligence to maximize your eCommerce revenue.

Scalable, Future-proof Personalization

With Reflektion’s AI, you can truly scale up shopper personalization across domains, seasons, geography, demographics, and much more. In B2B eCommerce scenarios, buyers can be guided through an online purchasing process based on contract-pricing and product availability. No matter how fast your product selection increases or your shoppers’ behaviors fluctuate, you can be sure that your eCommerce business is well prepared to improve conversion rates — and is future-proof.

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