The high value customer or the unidentified anonymous user?

Behind door number one is a high-value customer. Behind door number two are ten anonymous visitors to your site who you know nothing about. Which room holds more opportunity? Which is more deserving of your attention, resources, and marketing budget?

As an eCommerce marketer, should you dedicate your resources towards the most valuable customers who make up the majority of your sales or the opportunities found within the 95% of your anonymous traffic? This single strategic decision can have a major impact on future growth and profits.

In Reflektion’s latest white paper, we make the case that it’s a false dilemma. You can have both.

Companies that are approaching 1 to 1 Commerce the right way should be able to simultaneously cater to the needs of existing customers while creating a relevant and intuitive digital shopping environment for anonymous visitors.

Read our white paper and learn how: Focus on High-Value Customers or Anonymous Site Visitors: a False Dilemma

Stafford McKay

Stafford is the former Director of Content at Reflektion. He’s passionate about eCommerce Marketing, Technology, and Lake Michigan. When he’s not writing content, he can be found out on the water in the 1938 Chris Craft he shares with his family.