Top Online Retailers Can’t Remember Shoppers or Unify Experiences

The Top 100 online retailers aren’t making the grade when it comes to digital personalization, according to Internet Retailer. Their exclusive report and our upcoming webinar explore the increasingly large gap between what is and what reasonably could be among the major players in eCommerce.

Last week, we zoomed in on top retailers’ site search intelligence and its impact on consumers. In this post, we’ll look at how well the top retailers remember shoppers as they move across devices and channels.

Recognizing a shopper, their product preferences and order history, from one visit to another makes life easier for those with little time to spare (especially mobile shoppers).

And anything that decreases friction leads to more revenue for retailers. Digitally savvy customers are demanding seamless interactions with retailers and a unified experience across browsing sessions and devices.

Yet a dismal 7% of top 100 merchants remembered shoppers’ user names. And only 33% of retailers customized recommended items on the home page from a previous visit before a shopper logged into her account. Once a consumer signed in, 46% of merchants recommended products either on the home page, product pages or main account page that were based on prior browsing history. Additionally, 19.2% preserved a search history from the previous visit for quick reference.

These personal touches – or lack thereof – tell shoppers whether or not you remember them and if you’re tailoring their eCommerce experience to their individual preferences and intent. It’s especially important to remember shoppers when they move to their mobile devices. The majority of consumers surveyed – 50.2% – expect a retailer to remember them and recognize their shopping habits when switching between devices. And the percentage jumps to 68.6% among 18- to 29-year-olds. Now that more than half of online retail transactions stem from mobile devices, retailers should be sure their personalization strategy factors in cross-device shopping behavior.

For more details on how the Top 100 retailers are missing the biggest opportunities in digital personalization, download the full report and register for our webinar “2017 Personalization Report Card – Grading the Top 100 Online Retailers” on May 9th at 1:30ET.


Matt Helmke

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