Webinar: The Competitive Advantages Personalization 2.0 Brings to Retail eCommerce

Raising Conversions and Revenue with Personalization 2.0

On Tuesday, April 28th at 1PM EST, Brendan Witcher from Forrester will join us in co-hosting a webinar in which he’ll share insights on how Personalization is dramatically evolving. He is currently working on the subject of “Personalization 2.0” and we’re looking forward to this opportunity to hear more from him on the topic. We hope you can join us. Please register to reserve your seat.

What Brendan Witcher will share with us:

  • Breaking away from Segmentation as Personalization
  • Defining Personalization 2.0
  • Identifying and Addressing Capability Changes

During the webinar, Witcher asks the important question, “How successful would you be if you got personalization right for everyone, not just a fraction of your shoppers?” That’s what Personalization 2.0 is all about and we’re looking forward to hearing his answer to this question.

This webinar is a must for anyone who needs to stay current on key changes in retail eCommerce marketing.


Brendan Witcher


Brendan Witcher
Principal Analyst, Forrester


Kurt Heinemann


Kurt Heinemann
CMO, Reflektion



Stafford McKay

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