From Wetsuits to Online Personalization: How O’Neill Keeps Pioneering

Since they opened the world’s first surf shop in 1952, O’Neill Clothing has always been a company of “firsts.”

Founder Jack O’Neill was among the first to produce wetsuits, foam surfboards, and surfboard leashes. To people who follow the company, it is no surprise that they are one of the first to fully embrace online personalization. As a company that adapts with the times, O’Neill recognized early on that they needed to turn their eCommerce experience into a 1-1 store that fully addressed the needs of today’s connected digital shoppers who has come to expect engagement down to the personal level.

How did they get there?

For years, O’Neill’s in-store retail experience has been the epitome of a personalized shopping experience. Highly trained and experienced staff are skilled at putting “the right product in front of the right people.” But translating that same level of product and insight customer service into their online store with the standard suite of eCommerce tools proved to be a challenge.

O’Neill needed to respond to to the needs of individual customers online. They wanted to provide the most relevant content not only to their loyal fanbase of surfers, but for all customers and visitors. As a worldwide brand, they also realized it was crucial to account for local conditions that would allow a bodyboarder during a California summer and a big-wave chaser during an Australian winter to be matched up with contextually relevant products.

O’Neill teamed up with Reflektion and together created the solution they were looking for.

While others offered simple segmentation tools that spoke to averages, rather than individuals, Reflektion was able to provide O’Neill with a solution that created a unique experience tailored around each visitor. For an innovation-loving company like O’Neill, it was a perfect fit.

The results speak for themselves. After a three-day initial deployment, O’Neill saw a 26% jump in their conversion rate, and their average order size increased by 17%. As a company that prides itself on providing surfers and beachgoers with the best products available, O’Neill can finally bring the level of in store customer service to their online store.

Find out more about how O’Neill’s partnership with Reflektion has changed their eCommerce results in this case study.

Cameron Conaway

Cameron is the Director of Content at Reflektion. His work as a journalist and content marketer has appeared in Forbes, Newsweek, and The Guardian, among other outlets. Connect with him here on LinkedIn and on Twitter @CameronConaway.