What Retailers Can Learn From Marmot

Marmot is a hardcore brand with a reputation for pioneering. Heard of GORE-TEX®? Marmot was one of the first to ever use it in their products. Now forty years later, Marmot is as much an innovator as ever.

When it came to Personalization for their eCommerce site, Marmot had high expectations from the very beginning and 1 to 1 was a major priority. When they first evaluated traditional personalization tools, they couldn’t believe the results promised to them were so minimal. Furthermore, when Marmot’s team dug deeper, they realized that while many vendors were touting 1 to 1 capabilities, in reality they were serving up identical experiences to multiple people; the antithesis of personalization.

In seeking a better approach to personalization, Marmot found Reflektion. We had the opportunity to prove our Individualization solution not only generates double-digit conversion increases, but also passes Marmot’s litmus test for true 1 to 1 personalization. Marmot has been very willing to share key nuances of their experience in a case study and in the press (see Personalization Helps Marmot Improve Conversion Rates in Direct Marketing News and a Total Retail Podcast interview with Marmot’s Jeff Milbourn).

Marmot’s story will benefit any retailer who is interested in modernizing their eCommerce personalization strategy and understanding how Individualization works. We encourage you to check it out.

Stafford McKay

Stafford is the former Director of Content at Reflektion. He’s passionate about eCommerce Marketing, Technology, and Lake Michigan. When he’s not writing content, he can be found out on the water in the 1938 Chris Craft he shares with his family.